Hello 2013

I really can’t believe it’s January 1st of 2013, but it is. Of course everyone knows that New Year’s Resolutions never last and that you always forget about them, so decided to start out the year by forgetting about making resolutions.

I typically do make a list at the beginning of each month that is fitness related, so I made my January list. Usually I don’t meet every goal on my monthly list, but it motivates me and gives me something to work towards. I also made a 2013 health/fitness goals list, blog goals, life goals, tv watching goals, bacon cookin goals, room cleaning goals, hair stylin goals…well actually I didn’t write any of the goals after life goals.

Before I reveal some of my goals I have some super exciting news. I just signed up for Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp Round 4!! Originally the deadline to sign up was last night and I meant to sign up for it, but that didn’t happen. I got caught up with trying to get ready for New Year’s Eve shenanigans.

Which leads me to what I did for New Year’s Eve: I went with my sister to watch a college basketball game, which was fun and I’m always up to watch basketball. After the game my boyfriend met me and we met my roommate and her engaged man. ( I really don’t like saying fiance, I think it’s weird and sounds feminine.) Anyways, we went to my other friends house who just got engaged on Christmas. We hung out there for most of the night which was fun, then toasted the New Years in at the Allsup’s parking lot before we parted our separate ways. It was a thriller let me tell ya.

This morning my mom made cinnamon rolls in the waffle maker I bought her on Black Friday. They were pretty good I must say. She just bought a can of cinnamon rolls, placed one in the middle, then pressed the top down on it and let it cook. I put the icing on one half and I of course had to put peanut butter with syrup on the other 🙂


My main fitness goal for January is to stay on track with Best Body Bootcamp.

As far as goals for 2013 here’s a few:

Run a half-marathon







Hold yoga crow pose for 10 secs, do a yoga headstand, and lift one leg in full wheel pose.

crow poselulu pants full wheel variation

Eat more vegetables blahhh.

Keep up with this blog and use it to inspire, motivate, and humor others and myself.

Have my morning God time with a devotional of some type and prayer/Jesus journal.

Stop being anxious about my future and trust that God has a plan that is more perfect than what I can imagine.

Really take time to invest in my friendships with my sorority sisters. Only a year and a half left…

Well that’s about all I feel like typing haha

Now for a relaxing night on the couch hangin out with my parents. Maybe we’ll watch the Dark Knight.


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